iPhone Meditation App by Mayo Clinic - More Apps in the Future

Video: Mayo Clinic iPhone Meditation App ($4.99), by MedCity News:

Mayo Clinic has launched its own iPhone/iPod touch app: a tool to teach and perform meditation. It's among the first iPhone apps launched by a hospital system.

Mayo Clinic is partnering with DoApps Inc. to form a new company that will develop and sell smart phone apps based on Mayo research.

This is the official video from Mayo Clinic:

"If there were a medication you could take that would reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, increase your ability to focus, prevent disease and improve your quality of life would you take it? Well, there is no such drug, but research shows that meditation can help all of those things. Doctors at Mayo Clinic have developed an iPhone application to help you fit the many benefits of meditation into your busy life."

Mayo Clinic launches mobile app company, meditation app. MedCity News.


  1. Mayo Clinic is really stepping up as far as Hospital Websites go. Deffinaltly leading the way in some form for other hospitals. To better integrate into easly accessible resources for the patient. Deffinatly going to test out this app.

    Looking forward to your next post

    Ryan, Editor Hospital.com

  2. If you are a Christian you are opening a door into the occult world when you practice this technic.Produces an altered state of mind and lowers the walls of protection against evil.

  3. "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ" (Col. 2:8)
    In many places the Bible specifically warns about these dangers, especially in the end times, which I believe we are in now.

  4. Our hospitals are bringing the poor desperate patients a "new" way of healing that will bring worse results than all their diseases! I know. I used to practice these meditative exercises. Warning from one who has been there: Stay away from it! Jesus can answer your prayers for healing. Seek Him and avoid all these mystical solutions.

  5. Warning you are opening up your life to demonic presence. Do not fall for this. Do not open the door for devils to enter your soul.

  6. Would Mayo consider making a Bible-based method available? I don't think so!

  7. Meditation has nothing to do with evil. It is about balancing the mind and body to produce health and happiness. "Bible-based method"? Seriously.