Google Buzz "antisocial networking" exposed details of “estranged spouses, current lovers, attorneys and doctors”

From Google: Antisocial networking.

At the root of the problem is Google’s decision to use Gmail, with its 175m active users, as a launchpad for its latest push into social networking. All users were enrolled as soon as they clicked a link to look at the service, and many found the names of those they corresponded with most frequently by e-mail – usually a private list – became the basis for a public “social network” of contacts on Buzz. That risked exposing the details of “estranged spouses, current lovers, attorneys and doctors”.

Doctors should be very cautious when using social media to communicate with patients. In general, "friending" patients on Facebook, Buzz and Twitter is not a good idea at the current level of social network services, and is best avoided.

It may be irresponsible to answer patient questions on blogs, Twitter, Buzz and Facebook because no complete data for an informed evaluation and decision can be collected.

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