"Cutting Salt as Good as Quitting Smoking"

Cutting U.S. salt intake by just half a teaspoon (3 grams) a day would prevent up to 92,000 deaths, 99,000 heart attacks, and 66,000 strokes -- a benefit as big as smoking cessation. A 3-gm per day reduction in salt (1,200 mg of sodium) will result in 6% fewer new cases of heart disease and 3% fewer deaths.

The average U.S. man gets about 10.4 grams a day and the average U.S. woman gets about 7.3 grams a day.

77% of the salt in the American diet comes from processed food. Only 6% is shaken out at the table, and only 5% is sprinkled during cooking.

Once people cut back on salt -- whether or not they know they are doing it -- they begin to prefer less salt in their food. This happens in a matter of weeks.

Alarmed by high death rates from strokes, Portugal plans to decrease salt in bread, blamed for high blood pressure. Portugal has one of the highest mortality rates from strokes in Europe - double that in Spain and 3 times that in France. Strokes account for 20% of deaths in Portugal, reduction of salt intake by 1 gram per day would save 2,650 lives per year. http://is.gd/ndNv

The daily salt intake in Portugal is a staggering 12.3 grams (ranging from 5.2 to 24.8 gm) http://is.gd/ndQq


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  1. As what most people would say, things should be taken in moderation. If cutting back on salt would mean a much better health, then its worth the effort to try.

  2. what is your idea on cutting the amount of salt for south-east Asians?