Doctors use Facebook Pages to connect with patients

With a 500-million large audience, many practices find that creating a Facebook presence can be an easy -- and free -- way to stay in touch with patients or attract new ones.

Businesses, including physician practices, can create something similar: pages (previously "fan pages"). Anyone on Facebook who elects to "become a fan" or like your page receives, on his or her own home page, any updates, photos, videos or Web links that you post.

Rather than having patients "friend" you on Facebook, you can direct them to this page. Having a moderator is important, because having someone dedicated to responding to people makes them feel more connected and encourages respectful and on topic discussions.

Amednews: How Facebook fan pages can connect with patients.
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Updated: 07/15/2010

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  1. We agree Facebook can be an incredibly effective tool for building stronger relationships between doctors and patients. Doctors can use their pages to share healthy ideas and tips, provide news updates and give patients a more personalized look into their practice. We talk about similar topics on our blog and our Facebook: