How do you keep up with health news?

Steve Rubel asks How do you keep up with industry news - RSS, email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook or other (elaborate)? He now primarily uses newsletters, Twitter and Facebook to follow several dozen sources. He uses his RSS reader as an archive:

This does not work very well for me. Google Reader is still one of my primary sources for health information - I channel Twitter feeds, YouTube subscriptions, Flickr and podcasts through it as well.

The RSS reader collects all rich media in one place - a true "inbox for the web". The disjointed approach described by Steve Rubel above can be confusing to many and a time-waster to even more. Everybody has their own preferences, of course.

For example, Steve abandoned his popular blog MicroPersuation to move to life-stream, then Facebook. Alternatively, I decided to stay with my blogs and send their updates to Twitter and Facebook. My blog is still my home on the web. You can build a professional profile on LinkedIn, Google and (may be) on Facebook but I decided to keep a separate website just for profile information. You can build it for free on by Google, control every aspect of it, and the only expense is the fee for domain registration ($10).

Comments from Google Buzz:

Tim Sturgill - I've started to use GR as you are for Twitter. I wish Twitter had RSS for direct messages as well.

Vamsi Balakrishnan - I use Google Reader for my news sites (both tech and health). And, for the individual people I follow, like you, I'd use my Buzz. Every few days I log on to Twitter to check messages / replies / etc.

Lakshman Swamy - GR and buzz!


  1. From Twitter:

    @Doctor_V: Don't keep up with it - create it

  2. Google Reader works great for me!