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- Brain MRI may be useful in patients with endocarditis. In one study including 53 patients, early use of cerebral MRI led to the reclassification from possible to definite IE in 30% of cases.

Figure 1. TEE shows AV Endocarditis in a patient with IVDA. There is a large vegetation on the aortic valve with 2-3+ AI (click to enlarge the image). Source: Double Hit – Right and Left-Sided Endocarditis in a Heroin Abuser.

- Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis was associated with a 50 percent reduction in deaths in patients starting antiretroviral therapy with CD4 counts lower than 200 cells.

- Universal influenza immunization: In 2010, the CDC expanded the recommendation for influenza vaccination to include all individuals 6 months of age and older. Previous guidelines recommended influenza vaccination for individuals over age 50 and for those at increased risk of influenza complications and close contacts of such individuals.

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What's new in infectious diseases. UpToDate, 2010.

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