3,000 Pills Later - A Nutraceutical Experiment - TIME Video

The TIME magazine writer John Cloud took over 3,000 vitamins and supplements in a span of 5 months to see how his health would change. He was taking 28 pills a day. The results may surprise you.

He gained weight. His HDL increased but nobody was sure why. His vitamin D level increased but the follow-up level was done in June when he was spending more time in the sun anyway. That was all.

Nutrition In a Pill. TIME.

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  1. Do the same experiment with 20 people all at the same time, all getting the same vitamin regimen. Tell us what variables are being measured. I see he got a blood test... what tests were run on the blood? Just a standard panel?

    This article is completely useless.

    There is strong evidence for vitamin D, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Search pubmed. No evidence suggests benefit to taking 28 different supplements per day, but evidence is strong in favor of these 3: D, Ca, omega-3s.