Ads for Target in-store clinic

Target pushes hard the ads for its in-store clinics - 4 of them in the Sunday edition of The Chicago Tribune:

Walmart is also entering the field of NP-staffed clinics in a major way, followed by CVS Pharmacy:

Walmart has been adding health clinics to its stores during the last 3 years as part of its drive for "one-stop shopping." There were 100 in-store clinics in 21 states in 2010.

In fact, Minute Clinic is the largest retail clinic chain in the country, with 600 clinics in CVS stores in 24 states. Almost half of Minute Clinic's clientele don't have a primary-care doctor of their own.

Comments from Twitter:

@napernurse: Pharm son works for #Walgreens. Costs them $5 to be seen by NP for whatever :) Can just walk-in & now WAG on "Blue Button" campaign.

"The Clinic" at Walmart - Operated by "Family Medicine Specialists"
Minute Clinics: The McDonalds version of healthcare?

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