Coping with stress - NHS video

From NHS Choices YouTube channel:

There are many ways of coping with stress. Professor Cary Cooper provides some techniques for managing stress, such as exercising and using relaxation techniques, and explains who you can talk to if you're feeling under pressure.

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Tips for managing stress:

- Take a few deep breaths
- Get plenty of exercise
- Socialize - don't stress alone, talk to someone and have a laugh
- Get out - go to the park

Participation in sport is associated with a with a 20—40% reduction in all-cause mortality compared with non-participation. Exercise might also be considered as a fifth vital sign, according to the Lancet:

If nothing else helps, consider this: Chewing gum may reduce stress and improve memory

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Children chewing xylitol gum were 25% less likely to develop acute ear infections. NYTimes, 2011.

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