Marketing Tips for Physician Websites

Times have changed for physician practice websites.

Older sites included static content such as the practice name, location, hours of operation, fax and telephone number, procedure instructions, office policies, physician photos and bios, and mission statement.

New websites are dynamic, maintained by the physicians or the office manager, updated weekly, and often include the following:

- blog, in addition to the main website
- photo galleries on Facebook, Picasa Web or Google+, Flickr
- interactive options such as a "game corner"for pediatric patients
- contact form via Google Docs, with appropriate HIPAA-related disclaimer
- online scheduling via Google Docs form, with HIPAA-related disclaimer; or ZocDoc (expensive option at $250 per month)
- links to other sites
- patient portals
- referring physician portals
- prices for common procedures and typical visits
- virtual tours
- real-time communication
- demonstrations of value and quality

My suggestion would be to start with a few simple steps:

1. Start a free blog on by Google.
2. Share news items and quick tips on Twitter.
3. Launch a practice page on Facebook.
4. Make a few videos about common conditions and procedure, upload them on YouTube and embed in the practice blog.

After all, it only takes seconds to start a blog on Blogger:


Online Marketing 101 for Physicians
Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Comments from Twitter:

@dreamingspires (Heidi Allen): Nice and simple

@drmavromatis (Juliet Mavromatis): thanks--some good tips there

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  1. I thought you might like to know about, a less expensive alternative to Zocdoc