Virtual dissection table, stretcher-sized multi-touch screen, a powerful tool for training medical students

Onstage at TED2012, Jack Choi demonstrates a powerful tool for training medical students: a stretcher-sized multi-touch screen of the human body that lets you explore, dissect and understand the body's parts and systems.

Jack is the CEO of Anatomage, a company specializing in 3D medical technology. See the TED video embedded below:

Comments from Twitter:

Mike Cadogan @sandnsurf: NEED! ...Virtual dissection table, stretcher-sized multi-touch screen

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  1. What a wonderful idea. Technology in the cadaver lab will keep anatomy moving forward for sure. This does have limited appeal to me because we have cadaver dissection in our curriculum. There are numerous skills acquired during dissection that are years from being replicated (e.g., fascia and subcutaneous adipose, skin, smaller structures in the head and neck, and the psychosocial aspects of seeing your cadaver as one of your teachers). I'll be watching this technology closely as the years pass and hope to demo one myself at some point. Keep up the great work!