What it's like to study medicine at Cambridge (video)

What is "the favorite" for medical students in the UK at the moment? Going into General Practice (at minute 2:45 of the video). They are also "very keen into going into a specialty such as pediatrics". This is a night and day difference compared to their counterparts in the U.S.

From Cambridge University YouTube channel: "At Cambridge, we offer two medicine courses - the Standard Course and the Graduate Course. With both, our aim is to educate students to become compassionate, thoughtful, skilled members - and leaders - of the medical profession.

Success in medicine requires application and hard work, both while studying and when in practice. However, it brings great rewards in terms of job satisfaction, involving as it does a combination of science and human interactions, and numerous career opportunities."

To find out more about Medicine at Cambridge, see http://study.cam.ac.uk/undergraduate/courses/medicine

Comments from Twitter:

Nick Bennett @peds_id_doc: Best medical school in the world. Seriously.

Medical School Life in Cambridge and Debrecen - @Berci compares the promotional videos http://goo.gl/BZm2w

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  1. Very interesting. Great insight into the students from across the ocean.