Social media FTW: Mayo Clinic offers preferred early access to journalists and bloggers to health news

The newly launched "Mayo Clinic News Network" is billed as the journalists' multimedia source for health, science and research information:

The no cost, password-protected site for journalists offers the latest breaking medical news, videos, graphics, links for background, animation, experts and patient interviews. Journalists from TV, radio, newspaper, blogs, and mobile platforms are invited to visit our site and register. Pending approval, you will have access to this rich source of multimedia content.

I feature high-quality videos from Mayo Clinic on CasesBlog 2-3 times per month, and after some brief consideration I registered and applied for access. I will let you know if a medical blog with 7 million page views qualifies for access to the Mayo Clinic News Network or not (update: the application was approved).

The flagship journal of ACP, Annals of Internal Medicine, already includes medical bloggers in their embargoed news release before each new issue.

The ACP Internist website took a step further and includes guest posts from hand-picked medical bloggers (disclaimer: I am one of the selected authors). Many of the posts are quite interesting and cover a wide variety of topics. You can see for yourself here:

Kudos to the ACP editor Ryan DuBosar who is leading the medical blog initiative there:

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