An App for Medical Emergencies - EmergencyLink - WSJ video

EmergencyLink is a free service that provides medical information and personal contacts to emergency responders - Mossberg for WSJ:

Here is the URL:

The company explains how it can help if:

- You Are In An Accident. A first responder locates the EmergencyLink ID and calls EmergencyLink as instructed. EmergencyLink provides the first responder with your emergency medical information and contacts your “Emergency Contacts” as you have instructed.

- Your Child Is Missing. You can quickly create a a Missing Person report and forward it to the police. The police can immediately act on the information maximizing their chances of locating your child quickly and safely.

- Sharing Information with a Caregiver. You are able to electronically share all of the information the caregiver will need in case of an emergency. Whenever your child's profile is updated, everyone with whom you are sharing the information will be updated, no need to constantly update everyone.

- A Friend is in an Accident. If your friend is an EmergencyLink Member and is "sharing" their info with you, you can access their emergency medical information (allergies, medications, medical insurance) and forward them to the first responder.

- Co-Workers Are On A Project Away From Home. Each Member in the group agrees to share their emergency contact information with each other. If there is an emergency situation, the group has the information needed to reach each others emergency contacts.

EmergencyLink is a free 24-Hour Emergency Response Service that helps you store your important information in one location, share emergency information with family and friends and has a 24-Hour Emergency Response center to aid you in an emergency:

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