Healthcare social media #HCSM - top articles

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles related to healthcare social media (#HCSM) in the past 2 weeks:

EM and critical care physicians adopt social media at rapid pace - growth in 18 months: 77% Twitter, 42% Facebook

All Students Need Blogs - Share what you have learned

Are Twitter friends real friends? A rheumatologists' tweetup proves they're real, and yes, they're friends

4 ways for practices to benefit from a social media presence: Offer information beyond the appointment, Raise physician profiles, Influence online search, Marketing toolkit

How Sanofi Is Writing The Social Media Rules For Big Pharma Without Running Afoul Of The FDA

Dell CEO's security shut down his daughter’s Twitter account, revealed too many specifics about family’s whereabouts

“Most essential app for Physician Residents is not medical and is free - Evernote”

How to Automatically Archive Your Life with IFTTT and Evernote

What is #FOAM? Free Open Access Meducation

How physician practices can stir up Pinterest - amednews

Social media and health care: opportunities and obstacles (interactive graph)

10 Social Media Tips for Physicians

Facebook’s Gen Y Nightmare

A Tweet Meme Farewell - they were the first to create the retweet button

How Twitter connects Mayo Clinic and patients - Lee Aase's presentation

Tweetcamp for New Connections
View more presentations from Lee Aase

The articles were selected from my Twitter and Google Reader streams. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to and you will receive an acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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