The #FOAMed revolution (Free Open Access Medical education)

From Mike Cadogan:

"The net effect of #FOAM has taken me quite by surprise (editor's note: #FOAMed is Free Open Access Medical education). Despite a complete lack of evidence, peer review, mission statements OR Big Pharma backing – the FOAMed revolution continues to infiltrate the psyche of the everyday healthcare professional. The ability to intelligently review, discuss and develop hypotheses, guidelines and issues; the sense of community; the sense of rebellious augmented learning and the joy of independence is rife…and contagious.

There are now an amazing 180 emergency medicine and critical care blogs. Bloggers write from 21 different countries. GMEP – ‘the Facebook of Medicine’ has just welcomed it’s 800th new member, 2 weeks after launch."

Here is my comment: Congratulations, Mike! These are amazing stats that illustrate an inspiring success! "Facebook of medicine", indeed. Let's keep it growing.

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  1. It has been amazing what Mike and many others have achieved, to give medical education an open online presence.

    Online Medical Education is slowly coming of age.