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The “Best of Medical Blogs - weekly review and blog carnival” is a weekly summary of the best posts from medical blogs. Please email your suggestions for inclusion to Best of Medical Blogs (BMB) is published every Tuesday, just like the old Grand Rounds.

The reversal of recommendation on perioperative beta blockade: 27% increase in mortality instead of decrease

From Notes from Dr. RW: Guideline writers began narrowing their recommendations for perioperative beta blockade back in 2009, since which time the only remaining class I recommendation regarding perioperative beta blockers is that they be continued perioperatively for those patients already taking them for a class I indication. Initiation in various high risk situations has since 2009 carried a IIa recommendation. The class I indication will likely stay. The IIa ones will likely go away in view of the new meta-analysis.

Why scientists should be on social media

From Medical Museion: Social media among scientists is quickly growing and will eventually become more and more natural for scientists to use (if not sooner than as the younger generation whom have grown up with social media enter the research arena). But until then there is a need to train on researchers and scholars on the potential of social media in academic work. Both to address the many misconception and skepticism but also to avoid researchers use it inefficiently or inappropriately.

The difficult dilemma of trying to do the “right thing” for patients, while recognizing that the “right thing” may not be covered by the payer or insurer.

Cardiologist and electrophysiologist Dr. Wes brings the issue to life:

What an ER doctor and CIO does in his free time
Building Unity Farm

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