Are toddlers taking on too much technology?

iPads are (almost) a part of the natural childhood development according to the book author Patti Summers:

"Welcome to the world of the Digitods: the young children born into the era of mobile technology. These kids are learning faster and better than any generation that has come before them. Take a look at toddlers using an iPad. They are pictures of concentration. Have you ever tried getting a Digitod's attention when he is working with an iPad? It is not easy. Often, the child is so fixated on the work that he protests when he has to move on, even to something as interesting as a snack. Good learning is addictive: the more you get, the more you want."

Why are some researchers on the topic sending their own children to "no digital allowed" schools then?

Watch the CNN interview below for Patti Summers' side of the discussion:

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