Healthcare social media #HCSM - top articles

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles related to healthcare social media (#HCSM) in the past 2-4 weeks:

Correlation between tweets and article citations is low, contradicting 2011 paper - Author’s reply:

"Video material on YouTube can generally not be considered as helpful for parents" of children with seizures

C U L8ter: YouTube Distracted Driving PSAs Use

Content analysis of 365 e-cigarette YouTube videos shows that 85% were sponsored by marketers

Educational Quality of YouTube Videos on Knee Arthrocentesis: 62% of videos were useful

Learning electrocardiogram on YouTube: How useful is it? 90% for university videos, 45% for individual uploads

Educational Value of YouTube Videos About Physical Exam, scoring system can be used by other researchers

Should health care professionals "google" their patients? This report makes the case for "Googling a Patient"

ED physician uses Facebook photos/text posted by a patient to make a diagnosis of suicidal risk

Academic journals tend to lag behind significantly in #HCSM: 12% of Derm journal are on Facebook and 13% on Twitter

Social Media in Urology: Only 28% of U.S. respondents used social media for professional purposes

The articles were selected from Twitter and RSS. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to clinicalcases at and you will receive an acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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