Heroin Dangers - Mayo Clinic video

Dr. Daniel Hall-Flavin, a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist and addiction specialist comments on the dangers of heroin. http://buff.ly/1goWAj4

Drug abuse is changing fast: Old drugs are falling from favor, new ones are growing

In recent years, hundreds of new drugs have appeared on the recreational drugs market in Europe and the U.S. New psychoactive substances, mainly stimulants and cannabinoids from China sold on the internet, proliferate too quickly for anyone to keep track of them. Websites such as Erowid.org create lists of those drugs.

It is all part of the rapid diversification of recreational drugs, fuelled by chemical ingenuity and by new distribution possibilities opened up by the internet.

New drugs of misuse, including ketamine, gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), and a range of synthetic stimulants, have become part of global recreational drug culture. Use in combination with other substances (especially alcohol) is common and increases the associated health risks.

"A to Z" list of substances

"Talk to Frank" is a British government-funded website for drug abuse prevention and treatment tips for the general public available at http://talktofrank.com

The "A to Z" list of substances explains appearance and use, effects, chances of getting hooked, health risks and the UK law. It also includes information on peer pressure, etc.

16% of motorists may be under the influence of drugs during weekends - one in six cars

16% of motorists may be under the influence of drugs during weekends - one in six cars
Motorists under the influence of drugs are a growing threat on U.S. roads. If you think about driving on a Friday or Saturday evening about 16% of the vehicles - one in six of the cars - the driver will be under the influence of an illicit or licit drug.

"Drugged driving" hampers judgment, reaction time, driving skills and memory.


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