Top medicine articles for March 2014

A collection of some interesting medical articles published recently:

Tenosynovitis caused by mobile devices: NEJM and Lancet chase cheap publicity with names such as “WhatsAppitis, Nintendinitis, Wiitis”. All are against the disease nomecluature based on anatomical organs

Just 1 in 4 U.S. Teens Gets Enough Exercise

A Mediterranean diet enriched with EVOO but without energy restrictions reduced diabetes risk

Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema: VEGF inhibitor injections with or without laser treatment

"Handshakes are germ bombs" - CDC estimates that 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands

Sleeping during the day - a necessity for those who work overnight shifts - disrupts 30% of genes

Sunlight Might Be Good for Your Blood Pressure - nitric oxide stored in the top layers of skin reacts to sunlight

Truck Drivers Top List of Overweight Workers – also, salespeople, office workers. Obesity by occupation: 12% of doctors, dentists are obese vs. 39% of truck drivers, 33% of police workers

Obesity May Shorten Lives By 4 Years - It's even worse in middle age: obese middle-aged people die 7 years sooner

Healthcare Personnel Attire: “Bare below the elbows” (BBE) may be recommended for inpatient setting

25-Minute Delay in School Start Time May Help Teens: improved sleep and daytime mood

How Inactivity Changes the Brain

What’s the best remedy for a cold? Prevention. Holiday airplane travel is an almost certain way to increase one’s risk of a cold

The articles were selected from Twitter and my RSS subscriptions. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to clinicalcases AT and you will receive acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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