Healthcare social media #HCSM - top articles

Here are my suggestions for some of the top articles related to healthcare social media (#HCSM) in the past 2-4 weeks:

"Why do academics blog? Most do it for professionals peers, not for public" -- Actually, they're blogging for themselves.

The Construction of a Twitter Aesthetic - from The New Yorker

PLOS ONE: Signs & Symptoms of Dextromethorphan Exposure from YouTube

Study: Impact of Vice President Cheney on Public Interest in LV Assist Devices, Heart Transplantation: significant

Patients' comments about hospitals via Twitter don't correlate with patient surveys

International Urology Journal Club via Twitter: 12-Month Experience.

Twitter: a good place to detect health conditions (study)

Social Media Responses to the Annals of Emergency Medicine Journal Club (study)

A Scientist's Guide To Social Media

YouTube for COPD education: avoid low-quality videos posted by individuals who are not health professionals

Use of Twitter to document the 2013 Academic Surgical Congress (study)

People Battle to Regain Online Privacy: 86% have taken steps to mask their digital footprints - WSJ. One helpful Chrome app is AVG PrivacyFix (free)

The articles were selected from Twitter @DrVes and and RSS subscriptions. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to clinicalcases at and you will receive an acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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