Top medicine articles for June 2014

A collection of some interesting medical articles published recently:

Online heart age calculators can be misunderstood and disregarded (study)

Telemedicine Spreads Rapidly: Can sending a "selfie" of your sore throat help diagnose strep? A diagnosis and a prescription, usually in 15 minutes or less, for $40 to $50. In 2013, 11% of large employers offered telemedicine services to their employees and 28% were considering it. Cleveland Clinic invites patients to upload their medical records for a second opinion from anywhere in the world

The saddest goodbye: cartoonist account of his father's dementia

Photos of residents before and after being on call show striking differences -- Photos of residents before/after being on call vs. Marines before/after deployment

One billion people still defecate in public despite health risks-UN | Reuters

Body Clock: What makes you tick? - BBC:

Are satisfaction surveys putting patients in peril? Medscape:

A smartphone app that uses voice analysis to detect mood changes in people with bipolar disorder is being tested

"Obesity is innate, weight regulation is not governed by a uniform tally of “calories in–calories out" - NEJM

Treatment Tracker tool lets you check on doctors' practices. and

Inactivity is greatest heart risk factor for women over 30: study

Global life expectancy rises again: Average life is 73 years for a girl born in 2012 and 68 for a boy

The articles were selected from Twitter and my RSS subscriptions. Please feel free to send suggestions for articles to clinicalcases AT and you will receive acknowledgement in the next edition of this publication.

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