How the ultra-rich deal with stress

From the Guardian: Burned-out billionaires are taking extended multimillion-dollar 'sabbaticals' to recharge:

A 40-year-old tech CEO, fresh off selling his multimillion-dollar business, embarked on an extended world tour, visited 66 countries over two years via private jet. The trip included learning to hunt with a bow and arrow with the San people in the Kalahari Desert and filming a documentary in South Africa – and it cost "well into the seven figures."

"It could be a couple of million dollars to take your family around the world with a teacher in tow."

These wealthy clients are looking for an escape, and some want that escape to be educational as well. "Often they want to get some sense of a back-to-basics lifestyle and learn the skills of our ancestors, like how to hunt and cook their own food," Barber told the Guardian.


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