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How to blog and not get fired?
Hear from the people who were blogging and got fired. Read more in San Francisco Chronicle - Writing the codes on blogs. Companies figure out what's OK, what's not in online realm.

Read more in this NYTimes story - Write All About It (at Your Own Risk).

Search the Deep Web on Yahoo
Deep web consists of websites behind a subscription wall. "Yahoo! Search Subscriptions enables you to search access-restricted content such as news and reference sites that are normally not accessible to search engines." NEJM is included, also Consumer Reports, WSJ, and FT. You still have to pay for to read the individual articles though.
(via Google Blogoscoped, Google.bnc)

BBC Download and Podcast Trial
Beethoven's first five symphonies, have reached more than 650,000 downloads during a week long trial (BBC press release).

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