Muraglitazar - Another "Vioxx" Heading for the Market?

Pargluva (muraglitazar) is a new medication for diabetes awaiting approval by FDA. According to Steven Nissen and Eric Topol from the Cleveland Clinic, the new drug doubles the risk for heart attack, stroke and CHF (JAMA).

This month the FDA issued an "approvable letter" for the drug, meaning that muraglitazar could be approved once the agency received additional information.

The regular readers of medical journals probably remember that Eric Topol was the first one to raise doubts about the safety of Vioxx (JAMA). He also expressed concerns about the validity of Natrecor use in CHF patients (NEJM). Is Dr. Topol "anti-pharma" or just "pro-patient safety"? In any case, Eric Topol is among the top 20 most-cited scientists in the medical literature and his opinion certainly deserves the attention of the FDA.

Update 5/18/06:

Bristol-Myers Squibb discontinued the development of muraglitazar.

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