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Medical History of American Presidents

Dr. Zebra (an interesting name!) has collected medical facts about the American Presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush.

Why is Dr. Zebra doing this?

He answers himself: "Reading the histories connects us to our Presidents in a very personal way. Sickness is a universal human experience. Reading about sick people makes us see them as people, and identify with them as people, not as remote figures in a history book."

The information was published in the public domain in most cases in the form of press releases (in modern times at least), so it looks like HIPAA does not apply.

KevinMD has reviewed the annual physicals of both the President Bush and and the Vice-President Cheney.

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A multimedia guide to genetic disorders

These interactive Flash-based presentations are a good educational tool for both patients and physicians. Videos featuring patients' testimonies are also included. See the sickle cell disease section as an example.

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