Cleveland Clinic Health Edge on Google Video

The Cleveland Clinic produces a weekly video called Health Edge which features new health care developments and research projects. You can subscribe to Health Edge on iTunes or you can watch the videos directly on Google, just search for "Cleveland Clinic".

Google Video is gradually becoming an important distribution channel because it eliminates the cost for the producer (what is better than free?) and it is easy to use.


Now you can post your hospital's Grand Rounds videos online to share with the world.

"Just look for the 'Put on site' link on the video's playback page. It's free, it's fast, and users don't have to download anything to enjoy video right from your site." (A look inside Google AdSense).

Video Podcasts by The Cleveland Clinic
Use Google Video to showcase your products. Inside AdWords.
So a video's worth ... 10,000 words? A look inside Google AdSense.

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