MDCalc is a Useful Online Clinical Calculator has launched a brand new online clinical calculator at It looks good although a bit green... (go to the website to see what I am talking about). The calculator is free and you can download the beta version to a PocketPC.

MDCalc includes many useful formulas and scores, including but not limited to:
- FENa
- CrCl
- Water deficit
- PORT Score in Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Graham is a medical student and an author of the popular medical blog Over!My!Med!Body! He is something of a "serial IT entrepreneur" in the medical blogging world. MDCalc is his second website aimed at making the life easier for physicians and patients. Last year, Graham launched, a website to help patients keep track of the multiple medications they are taking.

It looks like Ajax is Graham's native language. Kudos to him for starting these promising projects.

A Medical Student Writes About Different Clinical Clerkships
Image source: MDCalc

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