Google Rates High Medical Blogs

Three days ago, I wrote that ACP released MKSAP 14 and now this post is # 2 on Google, second only to the official ACP page.

Similarly, the post about the ABIM results for 2005 is # 2 after the official website of the American Board of Internal Medicine. I feel sorry for the poor that pays to be listed in "Sponsored Links" section...

I am writing this not to brag how great my blog is (it is not) but because I would like to encourage more health workers to blog. You can really make a difference by sharing your experience with the world by starting a blog or participating in Google Co-op Health.

For example, I could have never imagined that my website would reach 500,000 page views -- this is almost as if you had written a book and people have read half a million pages of it.

Future medical bloggers usually start just by reading blogs and gradually gathering the courage to start one of their own. Grand Rounds is a good place to check what other medical bloggers write about and to see which one is closer to your style of writing.

Blogging is both an enriching and therapeutic experience. It can even advance your career, or it can get you fired...

You do not have to be "a blogger" to start a website using a blog service. For example, the initial website of the Section of Hospital Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic was powered by but it was not a blog at all.

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