A New Blog Carnival About Web 2.0 and Medicine

A blog carnival is a blog event similar to a magazine dedicated to a particular topic. It is published on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains links to other blog articles on the particular topic (source: Wikipedia).

ScienceRoll is staring a new blog carnival about Web 2.0 and medicine: Medicine 2.0. Bertalan Meskó, who is the author of ScienceRoll, certainly knows a thing or two about using new technologies for medical education -- he is one of the administrators of the Medicine Portal of Wikipedia and has been interviewed for publications in Nature Medicine and Cell.

The carnival will be posted on Sundays and you are invited to submit your blog articles about Web 2.0 and medicine. Since I often write on related subjects, I am planning to be a participant and I think Joshua Schwimmer of Tech Medicine may also be interested.

ScienceRoll has an interesting widget in the sidebar which features favorite videos. YouTube will be used more and more in the future for medical education and Bertalan's selection offers a sample of videos focused on medical genetics. His video widget is powered by VodPod.

How to Use Web 2.0 in Medicine?
Nursing Education 2.0 via YouTube
Web 2.0 in Medicine Presentations at Research ShowCASE in Cleveland
Web 2.0 in Medicine Presentations by a University of Michigan Librarian
Image source: ScienceRoll, a Creative Commons License.

Updated: 06/18/2007


  1. Thank you for promoting the carnival. I hope I can create an interesting edition on Sunday. Don't you wish to host an edition in the near future?

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