The 2007 Calendar

Dave Walker, the author of free (and really funny) cartoons which I have used before, has released a 2007 Cartoon Calendar:
"The 2007 Calendar

This calendar (pdf file) features 12 of my non-church-themed cartoons, mostly from but also some from the Cartoon Blog that I plan to add to We Blog Cartoons when I get around to it. The cartoons in this calendar are:
  • This gadget
  • Heat
  • Save the environment
  • Your car
  • Waiting for something to blog
  • If I had more money
  • Depression / elation
  • Customer service
  • In through one ear and out the other
  • How to tie a tie
  • Telephone calls
  • The spectrum of cartoon quality
These calendars are entirely free and you are welcome to print them off, print copies for other people, print one off for your church office, give them to your friends as Christmas presents etc etc.

The calendars are pdf files of about 1mb and a bit. My advice would be to right click on the link and select ‘ Save Target As…’ or ‘Save link as…’. Choose where you want to store the file on your computer, then click ‘Save’. Each calendar is 14 pages: One title page, twelve individual monthly pages and then one infomational page at the back. You’ll need to staple or clip the pages together in some way and then find a way to hang the calendar if that is what you want to do."

Blog Cartoon: Too Many RSS Feeds to Read
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