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Why medical bloggers quit?

Dr. RW was wondering: "What'’s happening to the medical blogosphere? Here are some casual observations. Two of our more prolific med bloggers have called it quits (Medpundit and, more recently, Shrinkette). Two of our pioneers (Jacob Reider and Chris Rangel) are posting less frequently over the past year or so, and many of the links on Medlogs are either dead or have been inactive for months..."

Medical bloggers definitely have something to blog about, unlike the guy in the cartoon here. Many of them just do not have time.

My humble opinion: keep on blogging

I guess it depends on your motivation for maintaining a blog. I write mine for a very basic and personal reason: to keep track of the things that interest me. They may not be interesting to anybody else. If other readers find my blog worth-visiting, I feel flattered but I will not change my writing style to reflect the news of the moment...

If you write a blog about the things you like and you don't spend 2 hours a day on it, you would be less likely to stop blogging, I think. This is only a blog after all, it is not the New York Times or NEJM... :-)

SGIM president tells why he blogs

DB'’s Medical Rants recorded a podcast explaining why he blogs and how he collects information for his posts. Robert Centor, a.k.a Doctor Bob (DB), is the current president of the SGIM and a great medical blogger. Well, much better than me at least...

You don't doubt that he is busy, do you? If he can find time for blogging, you can too.

How much time do you spend blogging?
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Updated: 01/02/2008


  1. Medpundit is back in the saddle.

  2. No more. She stopped blogging (again) on 1/1/2008: