2007 Medical Weblog Awards: Polls Are Open

Polls are open for the 4rd annual Medical Weblog Awards hosted by Medgadget (started in 2003). There are many excellent blogs listed as finalists. In fact, many more than you can reasonably expect to read if you still practice medicine full time.

Clinical Cases and Images - Blog is a finalist in 2 categories. Feel free to vote for this blog if you enjoy reading it:

Vote for Best Clinical Sciences Weblog

Vote for Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog

In the category of Best Clinical Sciences Weblog, there is a similar late surge every year. This blog usually leads by a small margin until a day or two before the poll closes. Then, the tele-radiologist Sumer mobilizes a large number of supporters and wins by a margin of 100-200 votes. In any case, CasesBlog is honored to be a finalist in this venerable competition and everybody involved is planning to enjoy the process just as we do every year.

GruntDoc had a revolutionary idea in 2005: "I say we forget the online voting, all meet at a neutral site, and thumb-wrestle for the winner."

Update 01/23/2007:

Medgadget announces the winners of 2007 Medical Weblog Awards.

Dr. A Show 21: Wrap-up. Doctor Anonymous, 01/2008.
2006 Medical Weblog Awards: Polls Are Open
The Best Medical Blogs of 2005 on Medgadget.com

Updated: 01/23/2008

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  1. Congratulations Ves on being a finalist in not one, but two categories. Very impressive!

    Even though my blog didn't make the final cut, I like the new finalist format. Medgadget is turning this annual event into a serious competition.