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Health News of the Day is a daily summary made from the selected links I post on Twitter. It is in a bullet points format with links to the original sources which include 350 RSS feeds that produce about 2,500 items per day.

  • What is health? It is not a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” It is not “merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” What is health? The ability to adapt. According to The Lancet, at least:

  • 45·7 million Americans—15% of the country's population—lack health insurance

  • People with bleeding peptic ulcers admitted to a hospital on a weekend have poorer survival than admitted on a weekday

  • Mayo Clinic: Staying active is key to feeling young

  • Abdominal obesity is strongly associated with decreased lung function. Abdominal obesity is already linked with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease as part of metabolic syndrome. Researchers defined abdominal obesity as a waist circumference of greater than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men

  • Simple ankle and foot flexing exercises improve strength and balance in older people

  • Mobile phones used by hospital healthcare workers may be source of hospital infections. Researchers swabbed dominant hands & mobile phones of 200 doctors, staff - 95 percent of telephones were contaminated

  • Study: Stroke and TIA patients should be given a high-potency, high-dose statin

  • Food-specific IgG4, or ratio food-specific IgG4/IgE, may predict tolerance development in food allergy

Image source:, public domain.

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