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From my Twitter account:

  • Mind Map: What is the Future of Blogging? - Too complicated. My suggestion: 1 Start a blog. 2. Use Twitter a little bit

  • "Blogs are born, blogs die — it's a cycle as old as blogging itself"
  • Survey: Half of Twitter's Never Tweeted, 56% are not following anyone

  • 2009 State of the Twittersphere Report by HubSpot (PDF)

  • "Tighter copyright law could save newspapers" by Connie Schultz/Plain Dealer Columnist - I'm not so sure... Did Cleveland Plain Dealer (newspaper) consider closing their website to get more people to buy the paper edition?

  • Study: Social Security Numbers May Be Hackable. Information experts can predict most of a person's Social Security number if they know their name, place/date of birth

  • How kids sometimes perceive summer camp:

Image source:, public domain.

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