Tweets About Social Media

From my Twitter account:

  • A Spreadsheet-wiki of medical journals on Twitter - feel free to edit.

  • How Teenagers Consume Media and the counterpoint: The plural of anecdote is not data

  • Seesmic web app shows what Twitter is all about: 2 pane interface = equal importance of tweets and replies/mentions. Simple and elegant.

  • Mail-2-eMail: Swiss Postal Service lets customers decide which envelopes they want opened & scanned to be read online

  • Speed of news: Traditional news sites were typically ahead of blogs by 2.5 hours when a story line spread

  • “What she said” is often a great blog entry - bloggers are aggregators as much as they are commenters." Blogger tip:"Don’t be too afraid to be boring - something which is common knowledge to you might not be to your readers" - Reuters

  • "Mommy Bloggers: When a Blogger Voices Approval, a Sponsor May Be Lurking" - Disclosure is a must - NYT

  • Some blogs that I read only in Google Reader have switched to a 3-column layout in "real life" - 2 columns were not enough to fit the ads :)

  • Vacation Plans? Don't Tweet Them - Burglars Watching Facebook, Twitter For Easy Targets

  • Bing search actually pays you if you use it (to search for products)

  • NYTimes review of trolls: and "DNFTT"

Image source:, public domain.

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