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  • Google Reader: how to add a "send to" option for Google Bookmarks - Shift + T is the keyboard shortcut for "Send To" in Google Reader - Download Your Google Reader Stories as PDF via the ‘Send To’ Option.

  • NEJM perspective: Practicing Medicine in the Age of Facebook - A very limited view but worth-reading nonetheless. It's always interesting how different people read different things in NEJM (& other journals) perspective articles depending on their background. The full text of the NEJM article "Practicing Medicine in the Age of Facebook" is available from... NEJM Facebook fan page - Is Facebook healthy for doctor-patient relationship? - It depends how you use it. A practice with a Facebook "fan" page may be OK.

  • "World's Most prolific medical teacher" is on Twitter @SeeFisch

  • The RSS aggregator PeRSSonalized Medicine helps you make "your own medical journal" - also iGoogle

  • Microblogging/Twitter could be a protocol not a website - It is, just so few people uses the other websites... :)

  • The Evolution of Blogging

  • Beware of Advice from Meta Careerists: best advice on networking comes from someone who isn't a professional networker

  • Photo: President Barack greets the family of newly appointed FCC Chairman

  • Diagram: How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck

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