Diabetic Patients on Low-Carbohydrate Mediterranean Diet Avoided Medication, Lost More Weight, and Decreased Coronary Risk Factors

From the Annals of Internal Medicine:

In this trial, the authors compared the effects of a Mediterranean diet versus a typical low-fat diet for diabetes management.

Researchers randomly assigned 215 patients to follow either a low carbohydrate, Mediterranean-style diet or a low-fat diet for four years.

After four years, 44% of patients in the Mediterranean-style diet group required antihyperglycemic drug therapy compared to 70% in the low-fat diet group.

Patients in the Mediterranean diet group also experienced greater weight loss and an improvement in some coronary risk factors.


Effects of a Mediterranean-Style Diet on the Need for Antihyperglycemic Drug Therapy in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes. Katherine Esposito, MD, PhD; Maria Ida Maiorino, MD; Miryam Ciotola, MD; Carmen Di Palo, MD; Paola Scognamiglio, MD; Maurizio Gicchino, MD; Michela Petrizzo, MD; Franco Saccomanno, MD; Flora Beneduce, MD; Antonio Ceriello, MD; and Dario Giugliano, MD, PhD. Ann Int Med, 1 September 2009 | Volume 151 Issue 5 | Pages 306-314.
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Image source: Olive oil, Wikipedia.

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