David Pogue from NYTimes has a Facebook Question

David PoguePogue Facebook crisis! My 6th-grade bully, literally beat me up, threw my bike in the lake, wants to be my Facebook friend. What's the etiquette!? David PoguePogue LOL! I gotta share some of your responses. @tuffyr: "Move, change careers, hope he never finds you again. Also, hide your bicycle." :)
David PoguePogue And from @TimeDoctor: "Approve him, then spam him mercilessly with stupid facebook games/apps/quizzes, etc."
David PoguePogue Or this, from @cjostreich: "He can be your friend if he buys you a new bike and writes an apology poem for beating you up."
David PoguePogue RT @danny_shea: "Create a Youtube video reenactment of the original incident and then a follow-up video where you exact your revenge!"
David PoguePogue From @mattduckor: "Send him links to your NYTimes stories, and a message that simply says, "I won."
David PoguePogue From @bestjobadeline: "Write back and ask, "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

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