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The Evolving Uses of Twitter. "You'd be surprised how much profundity can be conveyed in 140 characters! (From others, of course)". No blog, only Twitter: "so, everything you want to say can be expressed in 140 characters?"

Google Wave: Best Use Examples

"Twitter: Newest tool for patient care" - short list from Phil Baumann's 140 medical uses

ACP: The term "patient-centric" is being replaced by "consumer-centric" and "member-centric"... -- ACP: Focus on EMRs as cost savers is misguided, bundled payments for episodes of care and outcomes are coming

Pens, Swords and Peer Review: Have you ever submitted a scientific paper to a journal?

Your cellphone holds more "secrets" than you may think, poses security risks

Forward slashes in web addresses could have been avoided says world wide web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee

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