"Pink Glove Dance" Video Generates Breast Cancer Awareness - and 4 Million Views

Pink Glove Dance video by the workers in a Portland, Oregon, hospital. I think everybody agrees that the elderly janitor that you see at the beginning and the end is simply the best!

CNN video.


  1. A lot of effort went into this and the cause is noble! But (other than the elderly janitor) it ought to be subtitled "Men shouldn't dance on video!"

  2. Saw this video on an evening news broadcast, actually, and what a great project, especially after the justified uproar from the new recommendations the task force came out with.

    Have a good weekend

  3. Amazing video created for a worthy cause. I am sure many people will come forward with this "pink glove dance" and it will reach a lot of people creating a better awareness about breast cancer.
    Nice sharing of a creative information.

  4. I don't exactly see why this raises awereness about breast cancer. Only those familiar with the pink ribbon concept understand the reference; those unfamiliar just see some hospital people acting crazy and all. Maybe they will ask themselves: "why are those people dancing like mad men?" "Of course, it has to do with breast cancer, right!" *roll eyes*

    Then again, you're right about the janitor. He's awesome!

  5. Dear T4,

    Of course the video raises the breast cancer awareness/pink ribbon awareness - it is closing in on 4 million views. This is 4 million more people that may know more about it...

  6. With all due respect, since I can truly understand your point of view: how does that work? Those 4 million became an awful lot smarter just by watching some men and women dance with pink gloves on?

    Real breast cancer awereness is - in my opinion - a lot different from the current way of 'pink ribbon'. Just walking around with a pink ribbon on your outfit doesn't make you aware, nor anyone else. By now, it's more a peer pressure thing: "oh, look at me, *I* am wearing a pink ribbon."