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2009 Google Zeitgeist examines the billions of queries that people around the world have typed into Google search -- Fastest Falling Google query in 2009: acai berry -- Fastest Rising Google Query By Quarter: "Swine Flu" Outnumbered Everything Else By Far

Looking at the social media efforts of hospitals, where is the difference between promotional info (~infomercials) and educating the public?

Google Analytics launches asynchronous tracking = Faster load times for your web pages

Thanks to the Internet, vengeance—let's call it "Webtribution"—is easier, and nastier, than ever. From WSJ

"45 Advertisements You Will Never Forget" - 2 health-related examples: and

How would you feel if "your page" was deleted from Wikipedia? Loren Feldman shares his feelings in this video:

How to use Google Checkout store gadget to sell online -- Google Checkout is competing with the well-established PayPal but the transaction fees are the same and

E-Readers: They're Hot Now, But Still Evolving and the Landscape is Changing Quickly - WSJ

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