Get RSS Feeds for Any Medical Journal from Pubmed used the newly launched PubMed feeds to get RSS for any journal. He also explains how to set up the feeds yourself in the post How-to: RSS feeds for medical journals.

NEJM and BMJ offer their own RSS feed but others, at least as far as I know, do not.

Update 6/27/06:
JAMA and Archives Have RSS Feeds Now

PubMed RSS feeds are now live
Getting RSS feeds for most medical journals -
How-to: RSS feeds for medical journals -
Use Plucker to get Journal RSS feeds in your PDA - Palmdoc.blogspot
RSS tutorial for STFM Board. Family Medicine Notes
A really simple guide to a powerful tool: RSS. BMJ Career Focus 2006;332:244.
How To: Create an RSS Feed for a Feedless Journal with PubMed.

Updated: 11/30/2008

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