"Google, M.D." at the Clinic

Kevin, M.D. shares his experience using Google during a typical work day at the outpatient clinic.

It is fascinating to see how incorporated in our daily life Google has become (for some people at least). Can you imagine the day before the search engines? If you had a medical question, you'd had to go to the library, and start flipping through those dust-covered journals from the previous years... What will happen if Google and Yahoo go down for a day?

Talking about Linux, Andy McCaskey from SDR said "we all using Linux every day but we just don't know it. It's called Google". All Google servers (tens of thousands of PCs) are Linux-based.

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Update 3/28/2007:

Adam Bosworth, Vice President of Engineering at Google Inc. covers similar topics in: How do you know you're getting the best care possible?

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Image source: Doctors Using Google by Philipp Lenssen, used with permission

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