Grand Rounds Announcement

What is this?

Grand Rounds is a weekly summary of the best posts in the medical blogosphere. This week's host is the excellent blog Random Acts of Reality.

Pre-Rounds is an article series about the hosts of Grand Rounds on Nick Genes of Blogborygmi, who writes the Medscape column, is the founder of Grand Rounds and he maintains the archive.

How can I take part?

Clinical Cases and Images - Blog has the privilege of hosting Grand Rounds next week, on January 10. Submit your posts to

Please check the Grand Rounds Submission Guidelines. Use "Grand Rounds" in the subject line and you will receive a confirmation email. The deadline for submissions is Monday, Jan 9, 10:00 PM, Eastern time.

What if I don't have a blog?

If you do not have a blog or posts to submit to Grand Rounds, just come here next Tuesday and check out the weekly best of medical blogosphere.

The host of next week's Grand Rounds will be GruntDoc, an ER physician in Texas. His blog was voted the Best Medical Weblog of 2004. The voting for 2005 Medical Weblog Awards is open now.

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