Is the New Epocrates SxDx an Electronic Doctor?

The Epocrates formula is:

Sx --> Dx --> Tx

From Sx (Symptoms) to Dx (Diagnosis) and then Treatment (Tx). Doctors have been following this algorithm for ages but it was not computer generated.

Epocrates SxDx is a new PDA software that you can use to:

1. Enter your patient's symptoms (Sx), physical findings, lab results, and history

2. Generate a diagnosis index (Dx) organized by likelihood

3. Get the correct treatment (Tx) for the most likely diagnosis

I doubt that computers will ever be able to replace the clinical judgment that Robert Centor is
talking about on his blog.

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Updated: 02/26/2008

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  1. Someday in the future the computer will replace doctor's clinical judgement. But not for today. The human mine is still too complicate for computer to understand.