Make Yourself Google-able

Whether you like it or not, we live in a Goggle world. It is important to control the online information about you because throughout your medical career people will be Goggling you all the time:

- If you are a resident applying for a fellowship, the fellowship director may search for your name online. For example, BusinessWeek reports that a college professor in North Carolina has scanned profiles to determine which students to accept into his class.

- If you are finishing a residency and looking for a job, your prospective employer may check you online identity.

- If you are in practice, you patients may be Googling your name.

Lifehacker has some advice how to build an online identity you can rely on. One of them is to own a domain with your name. For example, Kent Bottles, M.D. of owns For more tips, check out Geek to Live: Have a say in what Google says about you.

Google Page Creator makes creating your own website easy and free. Dr. Joshua Schwimmer's page is a good example.


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