A Guide for Doctors Planning to Relocate Abroad

BMJ Career Focus features several articles with advice for physicians planning to pursue their career in different parts of the world:

Australia and New Zealand

So you want to be an Aussie doctor? sBMJ
Stairway to New Zealand

North America

Working in the US. "Working hours during residency are just under double the hours we work in the NHS... A typical day starts at 5:30 am and finishes at around 6 pm ... Salaries are low...." It doesn't sound very encouraging, does it?


Living and working in Sweden
I am desperate to work in Italy as a doctor. Any suggestions?
I am contemplating temporary work in Spain. How do I go about registering as a doctor there?

Student BMJ: International Experience
Australia operates "closed shop" to restrict doctors from overseas, say critics - BMJ http://bit.ly/1eeQJX
Australia may consider ending 10-year moratorium that was "forcing overseas doctors into bush" http://goo.gl/Y8ZHN
Who would you give the job to? Verbatim excerpts from the application letters of overseas doctors seeking a job in Australia. Life in the Fast Lane, 2011.
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