Share iGoogle Tabs with Medical Journals, Podcasts and Gadgets

The iGoogle homepage added the ability to share tabs via email. These are several of my tabs which you can add to your iGoogle personalized page instantly:

Medical Journals

Medical Podcasts

Updates in Hospital Medicine

Medical Journals tab: A screenshot of iGoogle with RSS feeds from the major medical journals

If you have a useful tab from iGoogle and you want to share it, choose "Share this tab" option in the drop down menu next to the its name and enter the recipient's email. When one receives the shared tab, he/she gets the choice to pick and choose from the RSS subscriptions/gadgets before they are added to iGoogle homepage.

Overall, this is an excellent addition which shows the strong focus of Google on online collaboration. Similar functionality is already well integrated in other Google services such as Docs & Spreadsheets.

How to use iGoogle

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Updated: 04/10/2008

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